Jaron and Maya meet

My short story for the #DontHateCreate campaign

(Holocaust Educational Trust’s Regional Ambassadors for Scotland)

Jaron and Maya meet. Or rather, they experience an encounter, if somewhat fraught.  Immediately they see more of each other that two potential partners expect to see at first sight.

Their fragile bodies entangled, their clothes ripped off, their trembling skin; inked forearm, striped uniform. They are in Auschwitz now.

100,239 and 100,987 fall in love with a single glance, forbidden as such emotion is at this time. Their eyes meet and each instantaneously transmits their fear, resentment, distrust and hope to the other; they feel they have formed a unique bond. Such a bond is perishable, as is everything in this place.

Their next encounter is accidental, as they cross paths on their way to the toilets- if these rancid holes in the ground can be glorified as such. They speak in hushed tones and conspire to escape at the weakened part of the electric fence where the barbed wire short-circuited during one of the many recent storms. It is sometimes hard to tell if a storm is a storm or just the industrial furnaces flaring up again to burn more bodies.

They meet in the early hours of the morning, when the security is at a minimum yet still virtually impossible to evade.  They are caught mid-embrace at the other side of the fence and once again find themselves herded, stripped and marched; this time towards the ovens. They are livestock now.

Once more, they are confronted with each other’s naked form. They share a glance conveying horror, disgust and dismay.  Theirs is a love unspoken, and ultimately wasted.

100,239 and 100,987 were murdered in the Holocaust, as part of a global project to exterminate an entire race.


#DontHateCreate is a campaign in Scotland inspired by the cultural legacy of the artists, poets and musicians imprisoned at the Terezin camp in the Holocaust. They showed how hope and human creativity can overcome adversity. Create something related to the Holocaust (eg. Art/song/poem/short-story/photography/graphic-strip/candle/etc.) OR share something already out there which you like. Post it with #DontHateCreate, copy+paste this description and tag 5 friends to raise awareness for Holocaust Memorial Day. Forfeit is to tag 10 friends. Get creative!


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